Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 2 - 29/03/2013

Opening Balance - £12.43

Wow is about all I can say! The support that has already been shown has been just immense. I want to give everyone a HUGE Thank you. But also I don't want to sound like I'm giving an Oscar speech so I will just leave it at Thank You.

The Quote of the Day however has to be this one 'I'm not sure how I feel, you've just announced to the world failure!' Err - charming - thank you very much! I think we're all to quiet when it comes to discussing financial situations, and it has made such a difference by admitting my situation and being driven enough to change it.

So what have I done today to ensure that I won't be announcing failure at the end of these four weeks?

Well last night we had a massive £73.43 in online orders, that's all down to amazing support that flared up due to the platform of Facebook mainly driven by some fantastic friends that have been at the helm, sharing and sharing the blog post, my Facebook page, and Facebook status's. If you want to help drive some support why not share this yourself!

I've updated my shop. I will keep updating the shop over the next few days. The support from the site is certainly heartwarming, this alone is message to all small businesses that creating business friendships with other businesses and local community groups can really make a huge difference to the success of your of your business.

We've had the shop open since 10am this morning until 5pm. Its been an Easter Egg Hunt rush but we've picked up a few sales along the way! I had my best selling hat on... still haven't been as many visitors as I'd hoped but it has picked up.

I've sent out my catalogue for wholesale sales to another 6 shops today! Its just a bit of a waiting game but I can hope - My wholesale prices are competitive but I hope beyond that and that the nature and ethos shouts out! We're often driven by lowest prices but quality can win out and I know I can't beat the prices of products that use lots of chemicals to speed up processes, but I most certainly can win out on the quality of my products.

I've been updating the new website as well, starting to feel a little impatient on that score I would quite like that to go live sooner rather than later, but until then the current website is generating some sales.

My next step is to contact some newspapers and radio stations to see if they will run my story. The more publicity the better I say. If anyone knows of anyone within these areas please forward me there details! :) Thank you!

I have also now opened a folksy shop - I haven't yet updated it with lots of products but I'm on it like sonic and will get more products uploaded asap!

Finally I have applied to DM - Pitch your business, This is a site which gives small businesses the opportunity of pitching for some investment in the hope that this allows the business to grow. I will keep you all updated on how that goes. So far my twitter feeds to Alex Polizzi and Theo Paphitis haven't worked... but I'll keep trying!

So that's today's activity update: So a big thank you to everyone that has helped so far, lets keep the momentum going.

Closing Balance: £109.35

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