Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day 3 - Saturday 30th March

Opening Balance: £109.35 

 I wasn't sure entirely what to write today. So I'll start with another Thank You. There has still been amazing support from everyone. Lots of sharing happening. So Yay Thank You! Its hard to explain how much I appreciate it.

I want to show this quote that was written on someones wall after they'd shared my Facebook post;

 "you are obviously very driven and that is to be admired but at some point before, you get too deep into debt, you will have to decide whether this is a dead horse and stop flogging. Then put your efforts into something else. No shame in failing as the only ones that fail are those that try! Good Luck" 

I took that quote because it is a very fair statement and every point in it is true. However that is why there is a four week time scale. I know the business can work with some tweaks, but I understand that the above could be an opinion of lots of other people. I don't believe it will fail, I think that all the support that has been shown is proof of that. And if it does fail, then at least I've done it with my head held high, and haven't gone out without a fight.

I've been in the RelaxAhh Shop all day today, its been fairly busy with the Easter Egg hunts, Seasonal Markets and more - including a Climbing Wall (that I really want a go on!!). Sales from the shop equal £91.44 and we have also had some enquiries for our workshops that will hopefully be booked up in the next few days.

Twitter has almost rivalled Facebook in support today, I'm not fully switched on to how Twitter works, but we are @RelaxAhh and we have a trending tag #4wks4000! I could do with a Twitter tutorial to be honest... Does anyone fancy giving me a lesson?

Once again there is a massive Thank You heading out to if you haven't already visited their site you really really should. They have been amazing in understanding how difficult this time of year is for small businesses and they really don't want to see another business fail. I know that seasonal businesses need to account for hard winters, but when a winter is particularly long and difficult you can't help but spend the money you put aside in order to keep afloat.

There has been allot of people advising me about these Crowd Funding schemes. So because of this I have applied to its a little bit of a waiting game to see if they will accept my application, but I'm hopeful. If they do I'll have to make a video... that will be interesting... I'm thinking a 1950's style theme - that's seemingly very trendy at the moment. I may be asking for helpful volunteers if all is accepted so please let me know if this something that your interested in, I will obviously credit you where ever I can.

Online sales dropped massively last night with only £8.00, but that's OK ... We can make it pick up again - I have every faith. Keep sharing and spreading the love, I'm certain it will all pay off.

Otherwise today I have been packaging peoples orders ready to send for Tuesday and replenishing stock.

What are peoples opinion on celebrity endorsement? I've been thinking about it and I'd quite like to get some! I've been looking at the various ways to sneak products to them, because often if you send to their agents, the agents end up keeping the gift - one of the perks to being an agent I guess! Wouldn't it be fab though to have some amazing celebrities tweeting or Facebooking about using my products!

The first set of samples went out to a local shop today so I'm hopeful that after the Easter there will be a lovely Wholesale order coming in! *Fingers Crossed*  

There will be another massive online push this evening so I should have more to report tomorrow.

Keep Going Folks - You've all been Fab!! :)

Closing Balance: £208.79


  1. Hello Kat, how do you normally market your business and do you use your website as a main marketing pillar? I have loads of info I could give you and am happy to have a phone call chat with you to see what I can do to help. Please contact me on
    Warm Wishes


    Director Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous Ltd

    1. Hello,
      We've been relying quite heavily on sales from our shop at Heartlands, our website, Facebook and Twitter. We Have updated and basically made a whole new website which thankfully should go live early next week as I am aware that the website isn't great!
      I will pop an e-mail to you tomorrow as all tips and tricks are gratefully received as I don't want to see this fail! :)
      Thank you for your support and comments.

  2. Try googling lungfish - he knows stuff about using social media