Sunday, 31 March 2013

Day 4 - Sunday 31st March

Opening Balance: £208.79

First off - HAPPY EASTER!! Hope you've all had a great day! I'm eating some Chocolate as I write this so i'm in the festive spirit! 

Well I've been in the shop all day and its been an OK day. It's only Day 4 and I am well and truly knackered, need an early night tonight I think! But I'm not going to lose momentum there is always going to be highs and lows through this process and its going to be really important to keep up the energy and enthusiasm. 

Everyone really stepped up last night sharing the Facebook posts.Thank You everyone! Its amazing the difference it makes, every share makes more people aware, we had about 12 new likers and some online orders last night that were all greatly appreciated meaning that over the whole day yesterday we reached the minimum target of £153.00 a day! I'm still way off that target today, but I'm determined not to worry I have every faith. I'm sorry that I keep harping on, but please keep spreading the word. 

So an update on the current state of play... tweeted me and are all ready showing support so all fingers crossed my application will be accepted. I mentioned in an earlier blog that if it was accepted then I would have to do a promotional video, the wonderful Limelite in Truro has offered to help out with costumes if I need it. Head out to Truro and have a nosy at their amazing Fancy Dress shop or check out Facebook, as they really are fab! 

Folksy Shop is coming along nicely though I do need to keep adding more and more products, just worried that if I have to pay for each listing what happens if no one buys any of it? Anyways must think positively  I'm failing miserably at the Etsy shop... I'll keep trying as I feel really stupid that I haven't cracked it yet, so Challenge accepted!
Now that I have Finally worked out how to compress my images - (thank you David) I have managed to make my look much smarter, meaning I will be adding more products this evening.

The Big Business Moguls are probably getting annoyed at my endless tweets, but all it takes is for Alex Polizzi or Theo Paphitis to share the blog once and it would be likely to make such a difference, so I will keep harassing them by Twitter just in case. If your on twitter don't forget to join in the #4wks4000

We've had some more potential bookings for the Birthday Parties today, but in my opinion its not certain until the money is in my hand! But again I am hopeful, one lady has promised to book before the 4 weeks is out! YAY!! 

Finally I have another idea on making money, the customer would pay a set amount and receive a certain amount of products each month plus some freebie rewards and treats along the way. This is perfect for those that are regular RelaxAhh purchasers or those that live out of Cornwall. 

For £45.00 you will receive two soaps, a Body Cream or Mousse, and a Hand Cream or Bath Product each month for three months. 

For £80.00 you will receive the above for 6 months

For £150.00 you will receive the above for 12 months. 

You will also receive some treats such as Lip Balms, or Bath Fizzies, and be the first to test out our new products?

So what do you think of that idea? 

That is all from me today, I have a busy evening ahead of sharing, filling up online shops and hopefully at some point catching up on well needed beauty sleep.

Thank You once again for your support. 

Closing Balance: £280.26


  1. Great idea on the monthly product idea. My only concern for you is the price. I recently received a Birchbox subscription as a present (and there are other ones out there) and they are only £10 per month plus £2.95 P&P. You get 5 sample sized products from lots of different companies (RMK, Molton Brown, Vichy to name some). I think it attracts so many customers because of the price. The samples are anything from 5ml to 50ml depending on the product itself. Would you consider something similar for smaller versions of your products? You can then purchase the full sized ones at a discount for that month only. Plus it gives customers a chance to try before they buy. Or maybe offer smaller trial boxes as well? Just a thought - anything to get your products out there!!

    1. Hi Hun, yesterday i was a bit down beat and didn't give you the best response in the world!! I have now followed some of your advice and ideas! SO thank you!! :D x

  2. Hi like the idea of sample boxes at a small cost.

    However For what i'm doing which is full size soap, other companies are charging 240.00 for 12 months. Molten Brown soap is £13.00 a bar so i'm pretty sure that they afford to give away bars in sample boxes and things where as i cant.

    Maybe the idea isn't going to work. Ah well its an option for people.

  3. No problem Kat - I still think your original idea is a great one. Go with what you feel will work best for you. xx