Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day One - Thursday 28th March

Opening Balance : £12.43

So It's day one of my four weeks to make £4,000 challenge. Its not an optional challenge... its either that or I shut down my business. I'm not one to give up unless there is no other option so here goes - one last battle, one last chance and four weeks to save a business.

I hope you will join me along the journey as I scramble through the next four weeks in my drastic attempts to change my business's fortunes. I am literally going to try everything - and I will report back what works and what doesn't and hopefully - just maybe - it will give you some ideas for your business or even your personal finances.

So some back ground on my business and I.

I am Kat Jackson, for those that don't know me, a ridiculously determined and stubborn individual from Cornwall. I am 23 and have been running my business for about three years. I opened RelaxAhh the shop this time last year at +Heartlands Cornwall, along side the shop I run various workshops calling upon my training in Drama Therapy and my Training in Youth Work and Charities. Over all I have a successful business model. My problem is very high overheads, and not enough collateral to be able change my circumstances to have lower overheads or during winter months be able to afford the overheads. With a push I know it is possible and once these four weeks are over I will progress into looking at changing those circumstances. I am very lucky to have some friends with fab ideas and great business minds and i'm sure that they will feature heavily over the next four weeks! 
RelaxAhh has a Facebook and a Twitter account along with a website,, although within the next week there will be a MASSIVE change to the website. 

So what I have done today to start this £4,000 - well to start I've started this blog - which I hope will spread  like wild fire. I think its really important to look at how social media works for your Business. Through a mixture of Facebook posts and Twitter feeds I have a fairly large online following which I hope to use to my advantage through the next four weeks. A small reminder to other businesses or people thinking of setting up a business, I have 600 Facebook fans, if every single one of them bought a £3.00 soap from RelaxAhh, I would have £1800.00 - but Facebook likes don't work like that, and it can feel frustrating but not every fan will buy.

I have almost finished the re-design of the website. My current website really doesn't work as well it should do. So a new website that is much more user friendly and much more successful will be uploaded. With the help of a friend and a fellow business person - Tim Hendy currently from Liminal Design  we shall be able to include the new logo and updated branding into the website. Hopefully this will help inform people better in regards to my business ethos and attitudes.

I have also come up trumps today - thank goodness for the power of Facebook. is an amazing website which allows Cornish Business to sell products online. If anyone is interested you should definitely have a nosy. Liking their page on Facebook was certainly helpful as they advertised some free stall space.

Its rare that opportunities such as free stalls come along, so I was in there like a shot... so a date for your diaries... RelaxAhh will be at Helston Street Market on April 5th.

I have also spent some time putting together a small catalogue for shops and businesses in the area to be able to buy some products from RelaxAhh at wholesale cost. There's not much to report there, as I sent e-mails with these catalogues attached to three shops I visited in St Ives yesterday - so that's just a waiting game.

So despite the fact that I haven't boosted my current balance today - I have found an opportunity to make some money on the 5th! 

So that's Day One Folks! What do you think? Let me know in the comments. Please NO 'Its not possible' comments though, allot of this journey is going to be powered by some positive thinking and i need an army of positivity behind me!!!

Closing Balance : £12.43


  1. I wish you lots of luck! I am keen to see how this all works out and hopeful of you being able to hang on to your dream x

    1. Thank you so much! I will posting daily so you can keep track of how it all pans out! :) x

  2. Hope it all goes well for you, it can be tough overwintering a business (especially if it's a very long winter!) but it sounds like you've got the sheer determination to make it work, good luck and fingers crossed xx

    1. Thank you!! Yes i am hoping that intense determination and stubborness will pay off and be a positive in this case! :) It has felt like such a long winter, so heres for hoping for an amazing summer! I will be posting daily so please pop back and keep track on how we're doing! :) xx

  3. Kat you have put so much into making your business work, you can't give up now, you've converted me, I think your products are brilliant, you have so much enthusiasm for what you do, you're friendly and make people feel welcome, I feel like ive known you for ages!
    I have been speading the word as much as possible because I feel that someone like you deserves to suceed! X

    1. Thank you! That means alot. I'm certainly not planning on giving up, so its a four week push! Unfortunately if all this doesnt pay off, i won't have much choice - however - i am always endlessly greatful to the AMAZING RelaxAhhrians!! :D Thank you for your support and thank you for spreading the word! Xx

  4. Hi Kat. I won't be the only one to say if anyone can, you can :) All little steps are important so if you've got the info for trade I'm still working in the Natural Store in Falmouth. (There's one in St Austell and Helston). If you were happy I could take a couple of products to show and the little catalogue and do my best. Beautiful products, locally made, it's just what people want. If you want to do that and you're around over the weekend I can come to Heartlands and collect? Send me a message on fb. Lots of love x

    1. Thank you!! That would be fantastic! I will e-mail you the catalogue and if you'd like to pop up and pick up a few sample soaps that would be amazing! Thank you so much! :) Its been amazing how much support everyone has shown! Thanks! xx

    2. OK. Can't remember if you have my email it's

      Can come in tomorrow - Sat?

      It's good to support each other and you have a such a positive message. Drawing on all different skills and relationships,anything can be achieved, right? xxx

    3. Hi Kat Freya says you sent the email but I can't see it anywhere. When you get a minute can you try again to Thanks x

  5. I would first look at reducing any costs and take payment breaks where possible.

    Next look at what price you can offer your products wholesale & how many you can get made in the time period you have. Total up the figure.

    Next look at how many classes you can offer and how much you would make based on a typical attendance rate.

    Finally work out how much else you need to make to make the necessary £4k. Now you know exactly what you need to do to get it done.

    x wholesale orders
    y people attending workshops
    z product sales

    Publicly focus on filling the classes first and selling products second. I assume these have a higher product margin for you plus events need early advertising plus you can make people aware they can purchase too. Any classes held within the 4 week time frame are opportunities to upsell too.

    Privately get letters out and phone calls to people who could retail the products for you. Selling bulk orders at a wholesale means you won't make so much from the products but you won't have to do all that marketing to get individual sales. Big bonus because time isn't on your side.

    Can you sell gift cards to other companies? Sell £5 gift cards in packs of 10 for £25-35 the company selling them on makes money, you get an instant cash injection and new customers.

    Do you have a mailing list? Your past customers are often far easier to sell to than new customers. If you aren't keeping in touch with them then you are missing a big opportunity.

    I hope this helps you get clear on your next steps. Let me know how your get on with these, I have loads more.

    1. Hi!!
      Thank you for the amazing advice! :) You probably noticed that alot of it i've already done or am in the process of doing... but there are some fab ideas in there! :D

      I love the Gift Card Idea! Will Certainly be trying that one. I think the main issue is that there is such a low starting point so will probably cost to get gift cards printed out! :)

      Thank You so much for your support.