Thursday, 25 April 2013

The End!! 25th April

Opening Balance:1718.82 

WOW! That's it!! The End of a fairly manic 4 weeks.

Incredible Support from everyone, Thank You.

So the Final Balance is.... £2146.02 

CrowdFunder is on £621.00

These four weeks have contained, meeting with the local MP George Eustice, a fab campaign across social networking sites, contacting local newspapers and radios, website offers and promotions, and two amazing facebook sales, along with the Crowdfunder.

Now the target hasn't been reached on time, meaning that unfortunately the shop has to close and will be empty by the last day of April. Its really sad to be saying good bye to Heartlands, but I do actually think its for the best. It gives me a chance to reassess the situation for RelaxAhh.

The support that have all showed means RelaxAhh isn't gone for good.

I will spend a month or so on line, before using the money that has been raised/invested etc on a new shop somewhere in a busier High Street. I am taking Birthday Party Bookings still and I will be doing some Craft Stalls along the way - its not over for RelaxAhh.

CrowdFunder has a set length of time of 30 days... there are 13 left... so if we can get that to £2000 that's the new shop set up funds.

You have all been so amazing and fab throughout this whole journey. I can only thank everyone of you. The plan was to shut the business completely if I didn't reach the target. You have all been so supportive and so amazing that I want fight on beyond these four weeks battle through, get somewhere new and keep going! So Thank You.

From here its not over, not for me and not all other small businesses. Overall, small businesses need support. Please Shop Local, and please shop handmade. Not only is it a more pleasant experience, the quality of product genuinely better, your also doing a little good! :D  Please keep your support for RelaxAhh and other small businesses.

Once again - the biggest Thank You ever to you all.

Final Balance: £2146.02 

CrowdFunder: £621.00

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 27 - Tuesday 23rd April

Opening Balance: £1702.80

2 days to go - that's 48 hours till 5.00 on Thursday when it has officially been 4 weeks.

I wanted to thank everyone again, but also I thought it was time to explain to you all on a personal level why these 4 weeks have been so important to me.

Business for many of us, is the equivalent to having a child or a baby. We start with a small sum of money and then put it towards creating a business. With effort and energy we try to watch it grow. We say goodbye to everything, good bye to a regular guaranteed income, good bye to spare time, good bye to a social life, good bye to clothes shopping and instead we say hello to long days of hard work, and evenings of paper work.

So then why do we do it?

I did it because I feel strongly about natural relaxation, about essential oils, about working with kids in a positive way and about being in charge of my own life. I love every day of running my business.

But like parenting, there isn't always a correct way to do something and sometimes mistakes are made. No ones perfect after all. Business isn't a guaranteed success and yes businesses do have to fight for survival. Especially in these economic climates.

As I said we all make mistakes, we have to, because no business will take off without a well thought out gamble or two. Sometimes these pay off and sometimes inevitably they don't.

On  Saturday I celebrated the shop being open for a whole year. Until September the shop was a huge success. But Winter has been harsh and due to the nature of having a shop at a seasonal tourist location of which 7 weeks will be fantastic, but only 4 months being good, and the rest a struggle, I have had to think outside of the box. But inevitably the business has suffered.

Someone said to me yesterday after asking how the 4 weeks are going, "Makes you wonder, if you'd tried this hard from the start, your business may be successful." Despite the initial reaction of annoyance, I considered the statement. I can honestly say that I put my life and soul into the business from the beginning, and if nothing else, that is why I'd be devastated if the business failed. But this four weeks was about proving it isn't a failure.

This four weeks was about proving that if you want something enough, and work hard enough and get enough people of board anything is possible, despite how difficult the odds are, and the result would hopefully be that I could rescue my business. What the four weeks actually proved so far, is that you are all amazing, and that there are some truly fantastic supportive people, willing to support small businesses not just corporations. And each and everyone of you proved to me that even if I don't make the 4K then the business hasn't failed, and I may not have a shop, and I may have to think outside of the box again, but I certainly shouldn't give up and that perhaps all it takes is one last burst of energy and enthusiasm mixed in with creative thinking and this business could be a success.

I still believe it should be possible to rescue a business in 4 weeks, its not fair that the energy and effort that we all put in to make money, to get off the benefit ladder, to make a difference to either our own lives or other peoples lives, should fail. And the odds are stacked against us, the government and the banks aren't exactly supportive, business rates and rents are extortionate, and there's a lot of people that find convenience more easier than local or handmade, (in fact I think we all suffer from that sometimes!)

But its not over yet... there are two days and two days make a HUGE difference. Following the success of last weeks Facebook Sale there will be another sale on Wednesday (tomorrow) which will have the lowest prices I've ever had.

Crowd Funder deserves another HUGE push as well.

So lets do it.... lets prove it is possible and lets spend the last 48 hours REALLY making a difference.

Thank You all of you.

Closing Balance: £1718.82
Crowd Funder Balance: £415.00 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 25 - Sunday 21st April

Opening Balance: £1681.30

4 days left!!! eeeek.

Once again here is a big Thank You to everyone that has got involved so far. You have all been amazing.

I believe that it is safe to say - I haven't reached the 4K.

HOWEVER - Lets not give up! I'm not giving up yet. There is 4 days - and with a HUGE push from everyone - it could work.

There will be a Flash Sale Facebook and Website Sale on Wednesday Eve to make up some funds.

Otherwise - Crowdfunder is where there needs to be a BIG push. PLEASE pop on to invest a few quid for some amazing rewards and tell EVERYONE about it!!

There's not much more I can say right now - yesterday I was busy with the guides and then a lovely afternoon workshop and today is Sunday and has been very quiet!

Please remember to share, share and share on Facebook, and to tell everyone about RelaxAhh. Thank You

Closing Balance: £1702.80

CrowdFunder Balance: £330.00

Friday, 19 April 2013

Day 23 - Friday 19th April

Opening Balance: £1192.90

It sure has been a fab few days. Thank You to everyone that has supported and been fab as per usual.

So I learnt that Facebook 'Sales' are amazingly successful. £450 approx in two hours!! It was amazing, really hard work but I honestly cant believe how amazing it was - Tempted to throw another one in next Wednesday seen as the Thursday is the last push before the final date of the 4 weeks for 4K Challenge.

So far Facebook has been my saving grace, its helped both the business and my sanity immensely.

I did the first of two workshops today, it was fun and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Yet again some lovely people showed support in bucket loads, choosing not to take advantage of the offer and pay full price, which I was just a little (although secretly) choked up about.

I'm now looking forward to tomorrow's workshop as well.

So I need £320.00 more in Sales and Bookings and then CrowdFunder ALOT more. But it could be possible right?

I'm thinking really hard... less than a week left - in fact 5 days left... of all sorts of ways to make money in a week, including throwing some items into a car boot!!

Just in case I don't make the money I'm writing lists and MindMaps and idea boards of all possible solutions to the problem or ways around it... it is safe to say there's nothing really coming up. I guess I have a week to come up with something - just in case.

But I am staying confident. With lots more sharing - with a few more new ideas - this is possible.

Thank You all so much for all that you have all done. Please keep it up for five more days, Thanks!

Closing Balance: £1681.30
Crowd Funder: £315.00

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Day 21 - Wednesday 17th April

Opening Balance: £1146.92

I'm not going to say a lot this evening, I have the worst timing ever and caught the dreaded lurgy so my brain is all a bit foggy.

Just wanted to tell you about a new offer I'm running on - A local Artist called Louise Gale has very cleverly and kindly come up with a different sort of incentive.

Buy £10.00 of RelaxAhh goodies and have the chance the buy one of her limited edition prints for only £5.00 (usually £15.00)! Its an amazing offer and such a beautiful print.

A few reminders - Fridays soapy party is all booked up! There are however a few spaces in the Saturday Party.

Thursdays big Facebook Sale is still happening! It will start dead on the dot of 8.30. There are a limited number of items available so make sure you get in there quick!

Ok - another HUGE thank you to everyone that has been involved so far. Unfortunately there is one week and one day left so there is a LOT of catching up to do!! Please keep sharing and spreading the RelaxAhh word.

Closing Balance: £1192.90
CrowdFunder Balance: £305.00

Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 19 - Monday 15th April

Opening Balance: £1118.93

Its the end of Day 19 - meaning there is only 9 days left! Times getting a bit tight so it really is important that this all picks up a notch.

On the website is a Geranium Cup Cake Soap - I have 860 Facebook likes on the RelaxAhh page, if everyone of those bought one cupcake soap - I'd be well on my way towards achieving the target of four K. Only two people have done that so far...

I am trying my hardest to not get stressed and frustrated. But I cant keep expecting the same people to pay up and to share, in order to spread the word we ALL need to share things and tell people about everything, this HAS to spread beyond you few amazing people who I am so greatful for. My frustration is that it just isn't spreading like that!! Make this the night! Spread it, share it, and like it. If you have never shared a RelaxAhh Facebook post, or never shared the Blog, never shared a picture, never taken the plunge to buy a RelaxAhh item but want too, then tonight is your night.

For some good news the 'party' on Friday Night - it is now fully booked!! There are still places for the Saturday afternoon 'party'!!!

Pay £6.00 for two hours of a Workshop! Make a Face-mask and a Soap and decorate packaging, with Tea and Coffee included. Bring a Friend for free. :) Every one that turns up will receive a goody bag too!! How can you resist!

Crowdfunder pledges have slowed down, in yesterdays blog I stated all the amazing rewards that would be given, they really are fantastic, so go for it!!

I am warming up towards offering a few incentives, in collaboration with a local Cornish artist, also a very amazing and supportive friend. Keep your eyes peeled.

Right, There's a Week and 2 days left... so lets do this!! Tell EVERYONE!!! Even your postman, or your cashier in the local market!

Again, Thank You to everyone that has, will and is providing much needed support - I literally love you!!!

Closing Balance: £1146.92
CrowdFunder Balance: £305.00

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 18 - Sunday 14th April

Opening Balance: £1071.62

Its been a really lovely Sunday, had some friends visit in the shop which ended up being a fantastic business thinking session! We're changing some of our packages a little, better value for you and better value for us! :)

Facebook has started to get a bit quieter, Massive thank you to every one that is already, but in order to achieve this challenge it really does take everyone to get behind it, to share something, to like something! :) Thank You 

Crowd Funder is the other place that needs a HUGE push. That money does not leave your account and I don't get anything unless it reaches £2000.00 - Please please share it and tell every one all about it!

Crowd Funder isn't something for nothing!!! There are amazing rewards!


No thanks, I just want to help the pitch

We'll send you a Pack of Soaps worth £7.50

A Gift Voucher worth £15.00 to spend on any products of your choice at

A Gift Voucher worth £22.00 to spend on any products of your choice at

We'll send you a fabulous gift hamper with £35.00 worth of Skin Care products and soaps.

A six month RelaxAhh Club Membership where you will receive 2 soaps, a Body Cream or Mousse, and a Hand Cream or Bath Product each month, along with extra freebie goodies and gifts from RelaxAhh

3 X £50.00 Gift Vouchers to give to friends as presents or too spend on your self.

A years subscription to the RelaxAhh Club, worth 150.00 plus 2 X£50.00 Gift Vouchers, A large bespoke Luxury Hamper worth £80.00 and a large box of sample goodies

I made an etsy shop today too!! As you all know from earlier in the blog - that's a big deal!! Well I've only gone and done it!!! I hope that brings in some more customers and income!! :D

Ok that's it for this eve from me I need to eat a roast dinner.  Thank You everyone for your support!!!

Closing Balance: £1118.93
CrowdFunder Balance: £295.00