Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 5 - Monday 1st April

Opening Balance: 280.26

Howdi Everyone, Hope you've all had a fab day! I've got over my lack of energy I had yesterday and I'm back up ready and raring to go today. I've been busy packing up all of your orders ready for posting and been busy replenishing stock.

You all deserve a massive Thank You every day, so here's another one! Thank You!

The power of Facebook has been amazing, and on two days in particular there were 30 odd shares of the blog post!! These were also the days I got the most online orders so Thank You. But we've reached the hardest bit now, how to spread the word beyond friends and family! So I am requesting that as many of us share this blog or the Facebook page as far and as wide as you can.

So here's the deal... Anyone that reads this Blog can order a box of 4 mixed soaps for £6.00 provided they state - BLOG.4.6. and message me on Facebook. Now that's an offer worth sharing as this would usually cost £12.00 PLUS P&P!  Send me your order in PM with your e-mail and I will send you a Paypal invoice for it.

I need to write a very small sentence about our Workshops and Birthday Parties... any that are booked for after our 4 weeks WILL still go ahead whether we succeed or not! Just if I don't succeed I won't be taking any more bookings. I would never not commit to arrangements made and never let kids down, so please if your thinking of booking, or have already booked, do not worry and perhaps those bookings could even help us achieve this.

I'm busy trying to grab the attention of the media and perhaps even some Celebs.... This turns out to be harder than it looks... if I wasn't in the shop 7 days a week I'd be visiting the television studios,, juggling soap whilst riding an Elephant and they probably still wouldn't notice, but if everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, Shouts about it, how can they not notice!!!

Don't forget our twitter hash tag #4wks4000 and lets try and get that trending too!!

I think I'm going to explore the idea of Video advertising more, I know that some people have mentioned it on Facebook and we'll probably have to make one for the Crowd Funding page so I think I'm going to see what wonderful ideas you all have for some cool videos and hopefully make them a reality! Perhaps this could even be a competition I could run - I will think up an awesome prize and post up some kind of Competition tomorrow.

Once again Thank You! And keep going - Your all Awesome!! :)

Closing Balance: 371.23

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  1. Hi - The promotional offer is one per reader - just to let you know!! :D