Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day 11 - Sunday 7th April

Opening Balance : 771.41

Its Day 11 - I literally cant believe how quick it is all going! Scary to be honest. The support everyone is showing is still fab, but I have to up the heat on this! We have breached the £800.00 mark but we're in week 2 and I honestly aught too be £1600 already!

However this is possible and I am not giving up.

The video is live now... I'm quite embarrassed by my facial expressions, but kudos to the camera person/editor/director for having the patience of a saint!!! For those that don't know this video is for my crowd funding pitch which should go live tomorrow, I’m hoping that it will give my 4k in 4weeks challenge a massive boost.

So my SUNDAY SAVER DISCOUNT CODE is SSDC only available to use on until Midnight tonight!! lets spread this code far and wide and see how many orders can come in online. I do a world wide postage service so it doesn't matter where you are in the world I can help!

Facebook has been a fantastic tool so far, but it would be great if when you share the RelaxAhh posts you ask your friends too share too... this way the audience can grow and grow rather than just reaching the same people the whole time.

The footfall around my shop hasn't been great, I can't afford a massive marketing budget, so I have really used Facebook as my main marketing tools. There are some pro's and cons to doing this but I can't express how much it has helped so far. Nor can I express the difference that every single share makes. I am so completely depending on having an amazing network on Facebook!

I have written some Press Releases recently in the hope that I can attract some press interest. This would be a great tool of marketing and advertising.

The website is coming along nicely – nearly all of the products are now online... there are a few left to go up and then I will edit them all to add even better descriptions and a list of ingredients etc. But all of our products are natural and great for your skin, including sensitive skin. We also do a personalized service where with an e-mail to us at we can make products to your specification and for your skin.

We haven't had any more party bookings today so if you want to join us on the 19th or the 20th April for our soapy party – its £6.00 for you and bring a friend for free. All guests will receive a goody bag too.

I have been keeping my eyes out for all sorts of ways to make money. I have been in conversations with lots of fantastic businesses who have been coming up with lots of fab ideas, so watch this space... hopefully I will be full of updates come the weekend.

Thank you all for your support – please keep it up. Thank You! :)

Closing Balance: 824.37

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  1. geez, hon... are you on Folksy? (won't help much, but anyway!) And can you apply for any microloans? I don't want to see this drown, it's way too good. Your range is brilliant, your skill outstanding... there must be SOMETHING!