Saturday, 6 April 2013

Day 10 - Saturday 6th April

Opening Balance: 635.70

Wow what a weird and wonderful (with a hint of low) past 24 hours. Last night I mentioned how difficult it all was at the moment, how important it was too share the blog as far and as wide as possible, and lots of you lovelies did share it so a huge thank you. The difference it made was huge, the blog readers went up by over 100, Facebook and the Website had a spurt of orders and I am immensely pleased and would quite like to give you all a hug!! Thank you, but the hard work isn't quite over. We're on Day 10 and I need to keep upping the anti. 

As you probably know yesterday was really tough and I was really deflated, but this lovely comment cheered me up no end, 

"I know it's hard not to be deflated but keep going. You have lots of support from everyone and we're all routing for you as much for our sake as fellow small businesses as for yours. If you can do it so can we. Have faith :))"

This really has given me another boost of energy because that is so true. I want to prove it is possible, not just to rescue my business but also to show other businesses not to give up, keep at it, try new things, market yourself effectively and anything is possible. I am a big believer that if you dream it you can achieve it... (now I hope that my beliefs are proved right)

I have quite literally cried through my day today, there were a few stressed tears, at the sight of a business rate bill, that has resulted in a potential liability order when I'm supposed to be under Business Tax Relief, but also tears of such laughter.... we started to make a crowdfunder video today. I am not naturally good at talking into a camera to put it lightly... Its a simple strait forward video - but that's not to say I don't want to create an awesome 1950's promotional video, but time and resources are not on my side. The out-take videos are just so funny I may have to upload those as well!! 

I have declared the reward system that will go onto my Crowd Funder Pitch as well. After all I'm not after 'donations'! I'm after making my business work.

On other news the new website is live on and will soon be live and taking over Both sites can be used to save confusion.

If you'd like to join our Soapy Party being held on the eve of 19th and afternoon of the 20th then please send an e-mail or a PM to or 

Lets keep spreading the word, lets make it reach Timbuktu and beyond! :) Thank You everyone. 

Closing Balance: 771.41

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  1. Glad I cheered you up today. Just wanted you to know that you're not alone x