Saturday, 13 April 2013

Day 17 - Saturday 13th April

Opening Balance: £1001.40

My Friends are Amazing! Just starting with that because I owe them all alot for last night! They were fantastic, supportive, full of ideas - and more importantly some new ideas! It was fantastic. Thank you to them and to everyone else that was so supportive.

A very lovely lady I met on Facebook gave me the idea of a Facebook Sale! This is how it will work...

Over the next few days I will upload an Album with photos, descriptions and prices and how many are on offer. 

Then at 8.30 on Thursday 18th you can comment on the photos how many you would like - (1 please). If there is a choice to them (1 blue) please. There will be limited numbers due to stock so please be quick. 

When you have said all that you would like - PM me your e-mail and I will send you a Paypal Invoice. (please ensure all invoices are paid within 24hours please!) 

Please join in this event here:

In other news - I only have four spaces left on each my Fri and Saturday Soapy Party! :) If you'd like to come please e-mail

Please don't forget CrowdFunder money is only given to me, if enough people pledge it up too £2000. Please grab the link and send to as many interested people as possible. Please! :) And if on Facebook give it a good share.

I am knackered with the 7 day working week, and yesterday my temper was fraying, today however I'm back on track, and ready for it! There is just less than two weeks. I have to make £1730.00 of Pledges for Crowd Funder and £929.00 via purchases, lets make this happen.

Please share photos, statuses, and specifically the Crowd Funder site.

Thank You everyone.

Closing Balance: £1071.62
CrowdFunder £270.00

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