Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 19 - Monday 15th April

Opening Balance: £1118.93

Its the end of Day 19 - meaning there is only 9 days left! Times getting a bit tight so it really is important that this all picks up a notch.

On the website is a Geranium Cup Cake Soap - I have 860 Facebook likes on the RelaxAhh page, if everyone of those bought one cupcake soap - I'd be well on my way towards achieving the target of four K. Only two people have done that so far...

I am trying my hardest to not get stressed and frustrated. But I cant keep expecting the same people to pay up and to share, in order to spread the word we ALL need to share things and tell people about everything, this HAS to spread beyond you few amazing people who I am so greatful for. My frustration is that it just isn't spreading like that!! Make this the night! Spread it, share it, and like it. If you have never shared a RelaxAhh Facebook post, or never shared the Blog, never shared a picture, never taken the plunge to buy a RelaxAhh item but want too, then tonight is your night.

For some good news the 'party' on Friday Night - it is now fully booked!! There are still places for the Saturday afternoon 'party'!!!

Pay £6.00 for two hours of a Workshop! Make a Face-mask and a Soap and decorate packaging, with Tea and Coffee included. Bring a Friend for free. :) Every one that turns up will receive a goody bag too!! How can you resist!

Crowdfunder pledges have slowed down, in yesterdays blog I stated all the amazing rewards that would be given, they really are fantastic, so go for it!!

I am warming up towards offering a few incentives, in collaboration with a local Cornish artist, also a very amazing and supportive friend. Keep your eyes peeled.

Right, There's a Week and 2 days left... so lets do this!! Tell EVERYONE!!! Even your postman, or your cashier in the local market!

Again, Thank You to everyone that has, will and is providing much needed support - I literally love you!!!

Closing Balance: £1146.92
CrowdFunder Balance: £305.00

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