Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Day 14 - Wednesday 10th April

Opening Balance: £906.95

Well today has been a very awesome day. It has been quiet financially I'll admit. However, The support you are all showing is just fantastic so Thank You! Please, if you know anyone that may want to buy some pampering goodies, or want to get involved in helping out a small business, then please tell them about RelaxAhh.

So I have some exciting news. Today I met Mr George Eustice, the MP for Camborne, Pool, Redruth and Hayle. He came to visit me in the shop/studio. As you may have read in an earlier blog, I emailed him last week. Well, he responded, and today he came to have a look and to have a chat about the situation and what he could do to help contribute towards the cause.

We discussed the business, the location, finances and then of course, what he, as my local MP, could do to help. So a Photo Opportunity later, and I am hopeful it will appear in the West Briton (large local paper) and from the sounds of it maybe even a plug on the local Radio Station.

I am genuinely quite excited about how today really could have given my campaign a good boost, but also in that it raises the profile of the small businesses struggle even more.

As I say I hope that this will be bring even more support for the 4K in 4 weeks Challenge, But tomorrow is the start of Week 3 and time is FAST running out. £500 a week is just not hitting it!! So My lovelies, please keep sharing, keep spreading the love.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page for offers and news! And tomorrow I should hopefully be able to show you some photos from today! :)

If you want to get involved in my 4 weeks for 4K please check out or!! PLEASE Share and Please send to everyone that may be interested!!! :D Thank You xxx


Closing Balance: £948.83
Crowd Funder Balance: £190.00

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