Friday, 19 April 2013

Day 23 - Friday 19th April

Opening Balance: £1192.90

It sure has been a fab few days. Thank You to everyone that has supported and been fab as per usual.

So I learnt that Facebook 'Sales' are amazingly successful. £450 approx in two hours!! It was amazing, really hard work but I honestly cant believe how amazing it was - Tempted to throw another one in next Wednesday seen as the Thursday is the last push before the final date of the 4 weeks for 4K Challenge.

So far Facebook has been my saving grace, its helped both the business and my sanity immensely.

I did the first of two workshops today, it was fun and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Yet again some lovely people showed support in bucket loads, choosing not to take advantage of the offer and pay full price, which I was just a little (although secretly) choked up about.

I'm now looking forward to tomorrow's workshop as well.

So I need £320.00 more in Sales and Bookings and then CrowdFunder ALOT more. But it could be possible right?

I'm thinking really hard... less than a week left - in fact 5 days left... of all sorts of ways to make money in a week, including throwing some items into a car boot!!

Just in case I don't make the money I'm writing lists and MindMaps and idea boards of all possible solutions to the problem or ways around it... it is safe to say there's nothing really coming up. I guess I have a week to come up with something - just in case.

But I am staying confident. With lots more sharing - with a few more new ideas - this is possible.

Thank You all so much for all that you have all done. Please keep it up for five more days, Thanks!

Closing Balance: £1681.30
Crowd Funder: £315.00

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  1. Glad to hear you excited again! It's good to see Facebook stepping up with your sales. Always some good ideas in there for all of us xx