Thursday, 25 April 2013

The End!! 25th April

Opening Balance:1718.82 

WOW! That's it!! The End of a fairly manic 4 weeks.

Incredible Support from everyone, Thank You.

So the Final Balance is.... £2146.02 

CrowdFunder is on £621.00

These four weeks have contained, meeting with the local MP George Eustice, a fab campaign across social networking sites, contacting local newspapers and radios, website offers and promotions, and two amazing facebook sales, along with the Crowdfunder.

Now the target hasn't been reached on time, meaning that unfortunately the shop has to close and will be empty by the last day of April. Its really sad to be saying good bye to Heartlands, but I do actually think its for the best. It gives me a chance to reassess the situation for RelaxAhh.

The support that have all showed means RelaxAhh isn't gone for good.

I will spend a month or so on line, before using the money that has been raised/invested etc on a new shop somewhere in a busier High Street. I am taking Birthday Party Bookings still and I will be doing some Craft Stalls along the way - its not over for RelaxAhh.

CrowdFunder has a set length of time of 30 days... there are 13 left... so if we can get that to £2000 that's the new shop set up funds.

You have all been so amazing and fab throughout this whole journey. I can only thank everyone of you. The plan was to shut the business completely if I didn't reach the target. You have all been so supportive and so amazing that I want fight on beyond these four weeks battle through, get somewhere new and keep going! So Thank You.

From here its not over, not for me and not all other small businesses. Overall, small businesses need support. Please Shop Local, and please shop handmade. Not only is it a more pleasant experience, the quality of product genuinely better, your also doing a little good! :D  Please keep your support for RelaxAhh and other small businesses.

Once again - the biggest Thank You ever to you all.

Final Balance: £2146.02 

CrowdFunder: £621.00

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