Friday, 12 April 2013

Day 15/16 - Thursday/Friday 11th/12th April

Opening Balance: £948.83

As some of you may have noticed I didn't do the blog yesterday, I was absolutely shattered. I worked till 7 in the shop and then left the computer there (by accident) and so crashed out watching  rubbish TV. To be honest it was probably what I needed.

So all orders have been dispatched (apart from one) so I'm ready for more!

So the in the last blog I mentioned my meeting with Mr George Eustice, this was awesome for RelaxAhh as he did a plug on the Radio and I believe he is trying to get it in the local paper for Thursday.

My un-optional challenge isn't going so well at the moment. As you know I don't get the crowdfunder money unless it reaches £2000.00 and at its current level of £220.00, I'm not overly sure its going to get there.

Internet Sales have dropped after its initial rush, and so I'm now scratching my head of new things to do to try and get the word out there or to solve the situation.

I have considered moving premises to somewhere with higher footfall but again you need money to do that and to redo all of my marketing material. I have considered changing to craft stalls again, but again, financially although I make allot of them on the days I do it, there aren't enough of them, and its time consuming to make a healthy batch of soaps etc etc, so could I do it along side a job? Well I'm not sure, I'm sure the answers will come in time.

I have been thinking of many different marketing stunts, including running around town in some sort of 50's house wife get up, selling and advertising but frankly with my current contract saying I have to be open 7 days a week when I will have time to do that I don't know!!

Its starting to feel like its a dead end now. As I said before I am NOT one to give up, but as many people said to me, there's no point in flogging a dead horse.

BUT I have two weeks left, and I do believe in miracles - (sort of). There is the possibility of a few wholesale orders. So I'm hoping they come in sooner rather than later. I am going to try and keep the Facebook love going. So if everyone can pick one thing be it a Post, a status, a photo, a link or anything and share it, and then ask your friends to share it. It can go viral.

I am also going to try a bit of video marketing. SO if you have bought a lovely RelaxAhh product and you really like it! Please make a short video (30secs-1.00min) of you describing your experience with RelaxAhh and what the product is like - please e-mail it too, I will put it on the YouTube channel. Each entry will get a Soapy goody, and then the video with the highest amount of views by the end of the four week challenge will win a HUGE gift basket.

Please get sharing RelaxAhh. I refuse to give up (for at least two more weeks) so get on board everyone please, and lets make this a roaring success and prove that against ALL odds it is possible.

Thank You for all of your support so far, and thank you for all of the positive and constructive comments. Its that amazing support that is keeping me together and keeping this all driving forward.

Much love from me at RelaxAhh

Closing Balance: £1001.40
CrowdFunder Balance: £220.00

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