Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 8 - Thursday 4th April

Opening Balance: 500.56

Well its Day One of week 2 of my 4K in 4weeks Challenge/situation. It has been a brilliant day, from meeting really supportive fantastic people, some lovely customers, and some good friends.

Today I've been taught that there are other ways to look at a situation and there are options and solutions even if I don't quite know what they are yet.

I have been so busy making today my online presence has dropped to almost nothing! But tonight I'll have another online binging session and spread the word again. If you could all help by sharing, tweeting, commenting, liking etc etc, it really does make a massive difference! I thank you all!! :)

Being a small business in this current climate is truly difficult, but today I was talking to a fellow business person about how online marketing works and reaching friends of friends and spreading roots as far and wide as possible. Its a concept I am really trying to achieve at the moment and I wondered how I could successfully do this!

So on the evening of Friday 19th and on the afternoon of the 20th April I am going to run my Very Own Soap Party and you are all invited - though booking is a must. Pay £6.00 for two hours of a Workshop! Make a Face-mask and a Soap and decorate packaging, with Tea and Coffee included. Bring a Friend for free. :) Every one that turns up will receive a goody bag too!! How can you resist!

If you'd like to book e-mail me at or pop onto and send me a PM!

So its the end of week one and so far I tweeted endless celebrities, started a Crowdfunder Pitch, applied to Deborah Meadens Investment pitch, been in the shop for 7 days, come up with lots of fresh new ideas, had some amazing advice from lots of different angles, designed a whole new website, made and delivered 15 orders, e-mailed the MP, and gained a whopping 50 new likes on Facebook.

Wow! So thank you all for your support! It has been greatly appreciated! Lets keep spreading the word.

Closing Balance: 615.22

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  1. I'm certainly going to be taking notes from your campaign for my own business! Wishing you every success xx