Friday, 5 April 2013

Day 9 - Friday 5th April

Opening Balance: 615.22

Well its Day 9 and I'm not the happiest bunny in the world. Today a grand total of £20.48. In order to achieve £4000 I had to make on average £153.00 a day. Unfortunately we have only hit that once during the last 9 days. I'm trying not to feel too deflated but unfortunately I am. I don't want to give up, I still believe that it is possible. So its time for another HUGE push please. Please spread it around all social network sites, and send it far and wide, aim for friends of friends not just friends.

I appreciate the support that has been shown so far but as one customer said,

"If every one of us that 'likes' RelaxAhh buys just one thing, then this will make a HUGE difference! Think about it..... A £1.50 lip balm to put aside for a Xmas stocking filler is less than buying the Xmas card that you will send!"  

On other news the new website is live on and will soon be live and taking over Both sites can be used to save confusion.

If you'd like to join our Soapy Party being held on the eve of 19th and afternoon of the 20th then please send an e-mail or a PM to or

That's all from me today as I have been making endless products and doing lots of networking. I have managed to gain a place at Tehidy Golf Club Pamper event, which will be a chance to gain lots more PR and spread the word some more.

Thank You every one.

Closing Balance: 635.70


  1. I know it's hard nit to be deflated but keep goibg. You have lots of support from everyone and we're all routing for you as much for our sake as fellow small businesses as for yours. If you can do it so can we. Have faith :))

    1. Excuse my awful spelling :-/

    2. What a beautiful comment to receive! Thank you so much - it is really really appreciated!! :) x