Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 13 - Tuesday 9th April

Opening Balance: £895.45

If I was giving my blogs titles, today's would be called 'waiting'. I'm waiting for the next few days that should trigger a massive push in the campaign.

Financially it hasn't been a great day.

There have been lots of decisions made, lots of products made, and lots of packages put in the post. But with 2 weeks and one day to make just over £3000.00. There is a task and a half there!

I have been asked to remind you all that, I will only get the Crowd Funder Money and Your pledges will only be taken if I reach £2000.00 so please get everyone you know involved. This is possible, but only with all of you.

I'm keeping it really short and sweet today!

If you want to get involved in my 4K 4week Challenge... then please pop on to,



Or finally


Please Send this to everyone that you know! :D Thank you.

Closing Balance: £906.95

CrowdFunder Balance: £125.00

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