Monday, 8 April 2013

Day 12 - Monday 8th April

Opening Balance: £824.37

WOW!!! Wow and yes another wow!!!! Today has been a bit of a day!

Firstly, a big Thank You to every one that stepped yesterday, your support was amazing and really makes such a HUGE difference. I almost want to write every single one of you amazing supporters a personalized Thank You card, but I have neither the time nor the money, so here it is... Thank You.

The Crowd Funding Video yesterday got some amazing shares, and a large range of comments.
The exciting bit is that you can now see this as part of my Crowdfunder page... 

For those of you which don't know how it works, lovely customers, general public, total strangers basically any one can go online, pledge a certain amount and in return receive an amazing reward once the total amount has been raised.

Here are the rewards that I am offering:

£ 5 We'll send you a Pack of Soaps worth £7.50 

£ 10 A Gift Voucher worth £15.00 to spend on any products of your choice at
£ 15 A Gift Voucher worth £22.00 to spend on any products of your choice at
£ 25 We'll send you a fabulous gift hamper with £35.00 worth of Skin Care products and soaps.
£ 50 A six month RelaxAhh Club Membership where you will receive 2 soaps, a Body Cream or Mousse, and a Hand Cream or Bath Product each month, along with extra freebie goodies and gifts from RelaxAhh
£ 100 3 X £50.00 Gift Vouchers to give to friends as presents or too spend on your self.
£ 250 A years subscription to the RelaxAhh Club, worth 150.00 plus 2 X£50.00 Gift Vouchers, A large bespoke Luxury Hamper worth £80.00 and a large box of sample goodies

Its a way of reaching even more people and has been very successful for lots of businesses!!

So pop on and have a look, now because if I don't receive the target amount, no-one parts with any money and I don't receive a penny I will have a separate sub total for the crowd funding money raised on the bottom of the Blog! 

There is so much more exciting news that I got today, that will help to progress with my 4K in  4 weeks challenge!! This will be revealed later in the week due to the fact that I'm actually not allowed to yet! (That must mean its exciting!) Await Blog Posts on Wednesday and Friday. 

The heat is starting to rise on my 4K in 4 weeks challenge! Please keep the spotlight on it. Please keep sharing and liking and loving the Facebook Page and the Twitter Page @RelaxAhh and the website,

Thank you! :) 

Closing Balance: £895.45

Crowdfunder Balance: £110.00


  1. I'm really pleased things are working out for you!

    1. Thank You! Keep all fingers crossed that it continues to do so! :)

  2. Excited to see the crowdfunder working for you. Have shared as always :))

    1. Thank You! :)) I hope it works!! I only get the money if it reaches |£2000 so the more people that pledge the better!! :) x